Passionate About Inspiring Others


You may think… what can five year 12 students who are still in school do? Well, take a look and let us show you just what we can do and who we are. As they say you can do anything you put your mind to.

Team Manager

Jemma Swaak: A passionate team manager who embraces all opportunities and effectively deals with any difficulties. Through utilising her great interpersonal skills and organisation the team was well led and managed. She has been considerately allocating work to specific members and implementing a timeline. Working alongside Sam, Jemma has assisted in finding sponsors and collaborating with industry, as well as developing connections to the community. She has closely worked with the team and their overall ideas in creating a captivating, informative and innovative pit display.

Marketing Manager

Samuel Kirkegard: A diligent marketing manager who works closely with Jemma and the three engineers. He has greatly contributed to sustaining a clear and clever brand identity, including the organisation and creation of our team shirts. Working with Jemma, Sam has significantly assisted in finding, developing and maintaining our team’s sponsorships.

Manufacturing Engineer

Lachlan George: As the member focused on physical production and construction of the car, Lachlan G is a dedicated and hard-working engineer who strives for perfection. Working closely with his fellow engineers Lachlan V and Josh, he has demonstrated excellent collaborative skills. Tasked with CNC milling and 3D printing, he stepped up to the challenge to create a high-quality car. As this is our first time entering the competition, the team needed to set up our CNC mill and 3D printers, which Lachlan G handled admirable, by creating mounts, clamps and jigs to secure the materials. He also led assembly of the cars, sanding, priming and painting the surfaces.

Design Engineer/Graphic Designer

Lachlan Vos: A skilful person with technology and design. Having great communication abilities, he works very closely with those around him, this has been a strong asset for his role working closely with everyone. His strong knowledge and diligence have allowed him to manipulate and utilise CAD and CAM software programs in creation of the team’s vision for the car. Using Autodesk Inventor he brought Josh’s designs and drawings to life, accurately designing a car that fits within the regulations, while carrying across the design intent of the original sketches.

Aerodynamic/Creative Specialist

Joshua Kan: Josh is impressive in creating innovative  and developing unique ways to solve problems, for designing and more. Josh possesses a variety of skills in conceptualising, prototyping and sketching that allowed him to form concepts for new parts or components in our car. Among others, he has worked heavily on developing the front wing, rear wing and wheel support structure assemblies. Josh was responsible for the unique front wing design.